Spread the word about #hourofcode with your ideas on creativity

November 19: Thanks to all of you who joined in! It’s time to unveil our new video asking students “What will you create?”

YouTube video

In just a few weeks, we’ll kick off the Hour of Code Challenge during Computer Science Education Week, December 3–9th. This week is designed to encourage students and teachers to try an hour of Computer Science.

Computer science is about more than technical knowledge, it’s also about creativity. That’s why this year’s theme for #HourofCode is creativity.

To inspire people to think creatively, we’ve gathered some ideas of creativity from familiar Ohio faces. Want to join in? Follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Brainstorm on the question: “What does creativity mean to you?”
  • Step 2: Take a quick selfie video recording the following:
    • Creativity is …. (your brainstorm above captured in 8-20 words) What will you create?”
  • Step 3:  By November 16th, upload your video to this Google drive folder and label it with your name and brief job title. (e.g. “Teacher” or “5th grader”)
  • Step 4: On Monday, November 17th, watch @OSLN for a tweet featuring your video and others in a special round-up with educators and community leaders from around the state.

See a few samples below to get you started. Want to bring coding and creativity to your classroom? You can sign up to host an Hour of Code this year. Raise awareness in your school that computer science is crucial for students, draw support from your school leaders to expand offerings and programs, and recruit students into courses. There are one-hour activities for beginners and intermediates at all grade levels, and exciting new ones coming. You can even reach beyond your classroom. Host a school assembly, a coding night with parents, or an activity in your community.

See this easy how-to guide to get started. You can even do an Hour of Code without computers or an internet connection! Or, see our recent blog post with tips from experienced organizers.

And if you’re not a subscriber to our blog, be sure to head over to www.osln.org/sign-up to receive this post and lots of other content on STEM ideas and opportunities.

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