Countdown to CSEdWeek

Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) encourages students to take the leap and try out computer science. CSEdWeek 2018 will begin in just one week and runs from December 3-9. The celebration ends with a recognition of computing pioneer Admiral Grace Murray Hopper, born December 9, 1906.

Admiral Grace Murray Hopper, computing pioneer. CSEdWeek ends on December 9 in her honor.

There are lots of ways to bring computer science into your classroom. Many Ohio teachers will celebrate the week with #HourofCode events. More than 800 events are planned around the state.

Looking for a way to join in the fun? Tickets are still available for the Maker Hour of Code event, hosted by Franklin University on Dec 1, 2018 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The event is supported by a range of organizations, including Battelle.

Maker Hour of Code will bring together demos, workshops and activities for all ages at Ross Auditorium inside Alumni Hall. Learn more and register to attend here (students welcome):

Looking to host your own event? Sign up here.  There are one-hour activities for beginners and intermediates at all grade levels, and exciting new ones coming. You can even reach beyond your classroom. Host a school assembly, a coding night with parents, or an activity in your community.

Need a some inspiration? Computer science is about more than technical knowledge, it’s also about creativity. This year’s theme for #HourofCode is creativity and we recently gathered together videos from teachers and advocates around the state.

YouTube video

This easy how-to guide has all the tips to get started. You can even do an Hour of Code without computers or an internet connection! Or, see our recent blog post with tips from experienced organizers. You can even pitch in as a volunteer:

Want advertise to your event? Describe in the comments below and we’ll update this post with your submissions.

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