MakerMinded winners announced

The points have been counted and it’s time to announce the 2018 winners of the Ohio MakerMinded competition!

Winning schools
Dayton Regional STEM School – Dayton, Ohio
Alliance Middle School – Alliance, Ohio
Graham Middle School – St. Paris, Ohio
Woodward Park Middle School – Columbus, Ohio

Congratulations to these schools, their students and teachers on many hours of STEM learning.

Thanks to Battelle and Making Ohio, the state’s manufacturing careers campaign, each winning school will take home a complete virtual reality kit to experiment with cutting edge learning experiences. Read the detailed release below.

Battelle release: MakerMinded Celebrates Ohio Schools for Inspiring Students in STEM

COLUMBUS, Ohio (July 23, 2018) – Four Ohio schools will be recognized in a ceremony tonight for their work inspiring students to study STEM fields including careers in advanced manufacturing.

MakerMinded launched in 2017 in Ohio as a new online STEM learning and competition platform that provides transformational STEM learning experiences setting students on track toward 21st century manufacturing careers. It provides access to a diverse range of STEM and advanced manufacturing programs, including manufacturing facility tours, gaming activities, project-based learning, and competitions.

MakerMinded was created by LIFT–Lightweight Innovations For Tomorrow, a Manufacturing USA institute. Tennessee Tech University iCube center supports the program’s continuing growth.

Battelle recruits students and teachers for the effort through the Ohio STEM Learning Network. The network was founded in 2008 and today represents 55 STEM schools across the state. Battelle manages the Ohio STEM Learning Network as part of the company’s commitment to preparing the next generation of innovators.

The following four schools in Ohio are being recognized for excellence in advanced manufacturing and STEM learning through their participation in MakerMinded:

  • Dayton Regional STEM School – Dayton, Ohio
  • Alliance Middle School – Alliance, Ohio
  • Graham Middle School – St. Paris, Ohio
  • Woodward Park Middle School – Columbus, Ohio

“We are so proud of these students as well as every school that participated in MakerMinded,” said Aimee Kennedy, Senior Vice President of Philanthropy and Education at Battelle. “The future of innovation relies on a new generation of leaders grounded in quality STEM learning opportunities. Today, we recognize four schools that are doing their part through MakerMinded to make STEM accessible for every student in Ohio.”

Eric Burkland, President & CEO of Ohio Manufacturers’ Association, said, “With over 12,000 manufacturing firms that employ over 680,000 people, Ohio is relying on STEM students to help grow and lead our manufacturing base. We are proud to support and recognize MakerMinded students as they pursue advanced manufacturing learning and prepare for great careers in our industry.”

These schools will be celebrated July 23 at the Connections to Education Conference in Columbus, Ohio. Each winning school will take home an Oculus Rift virtual reality system to experience STEM and advanced manufacturing learning in their classrooms. The prizes are made possible through support from Battelle and Making Ohio, the state’s manufacturing careers campaign.

“The impact of MakerMinded is powerful evidence of the magic that happens when you inspire young people,” said Emily DeRocco, LIFT’s Education and Workforce Director.  “This year, over 1,300 students and teachers from 94 middle and high schools across Ohio completed thousands of STEM programs, gaining foundational technical and employability skills that will prepare them for success in the high-tech manufacturing industry. This impact is exactly the reason LIFT invested in and launched MakerMinded, which is now active in Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan. Three more states will launch the program in the 2018-19 school year.”

The 2018-2019 MakerMinded competition in Ohio will begin in August 2018.

About LIFT – Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow

LIFT, operated by the American Lightweight Materials Manufacturing Innovation Institute (ALMMII), is a Detroit-based, public-private partnership committed to the development and deployment of advanced lightweight metal manufacturing technologies, and implementing education and training initiatives to better prepare the workforce today and in the future. LIFT is one of the founding institutes of Manufacturing USA, and is funded in part by the Department of Defense with management through the Office of Naval Research. Visit or follow on Twitter @NewsFromLIFT to learn more.

About Battelle

Every day, the people of Battelle apply science and technology to solving what matters most. At major technology centers and national laboratories around the world, Battelle conducts research and development, designs and manufactures products, and delivers critical services for government and commercial customers.

Battelle also manages a range of successful projects bringing quality STEM education to students including the Ohio STEM Learning Network, Tennessee STEM Innovation Network, and the national STEMx network.

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio since its founding in 1929, Battelle serves the national security, health and life sciences, and energy and environmental industries. For more information, visit

For more information contact Katy Delaney at (614) 424-7208 or [email protected] or T.R. Massey at (614) 424-5544 or [email protected].

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