Two more schools formally designated as Ohio STEM schools

Yesterday, the Ohio’s STEM Committee met. (Public meeting notice) The committee met to review the status of three schools. St. Mary School (Chardon) and St. Vincent de Paul Parish School both applied and were conditionally accepted in March. However, the committee did require both schools return later on with additional information about aspects of their applications. Today, those schools replied and won over the reviewers. We’ll be updating our site with full profiles of both schools in the coming weeks.

The committee also reviewed the designation status of Linden-McKinley STEM Academy and renewed the school’s designation for another year.

The Ohio STEM Committee is made up of legislators, state agency heads like State Superintendent Paolo DeMaria, and members of the public. They are the group that votes on the formal designation of STEM schools in Ohio. Our network advises the STEM Committee and supports schools in their applications.

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